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On this form you will be able to reserve High Holiday seats, sign up to participate in our Rosh Hashana Greeting Cards, place names in this year's Yizkor Booklet, order Memorial Plaques and make a holiday donation. Please scroll down and enter all relevant information. A total dollar amount of your order is displayed on the bottom of the form.

Thank you. 


High Holiday seats for members and their immediate family are included in membership. Please indicate below in the "Member" section how many seats are needed for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur for both men and women. Additional seats for members are $50 per seat.


Non members are welcome to join us for the High Holidays. Seats are $75 per seat for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur respectively. Please indicate below in the "Non-Member" section how many seats you need.





You can start the year 5778 with a TRIPLE Mitzvah

Do a chessed and send a New Years card to your friends – everyone feels good when they receive a card

Give a blessing and wish your friends a good year – before Rosh Hashana it is customary to send greetings with the traditional phrase “Leshana Tova Tikaseivu” – may you be inscribed for a good year

Do the mitzvah of tzedaka and support BAY through this project as a merit for a happy and sweet new year for yourself and family!

For a donation of $99.00 your name will be included on over 100 Rosh Hashana greeting card sto members and friends of BAY


The age-old custom of remembering the souls of the departed and contributing to charity in their memory is embedded in the fundamental Jewish belief in the eternity of the soul. When a person passes on to the next world, the soul can no longer do good deeds to attain merit. When we recite Yizkor and give charity in their honor, we reopen the book of deeds and bring merit and elevation to our loved ones. This year we will compile a list of those who are to be remembered within our community and will create a Yizkor Booklet in their honor. Suggested donation: $25 per name / $100 per family 

Please note: If you are a member you can login to your account and update all Yahrtzeit information in our system. You can then check the box below to use the Yahrtzeit information from our system to place in the Yizkor Booklet. If you update the Yahrtzeit information in your account we will also be able to send you yahrtzeit reminders directly from our new system.

Please include the following information when adding names above for the Yizkor Booklet: Name of deceased first and last English names, deceased Hebrew name, deceased father's Hebrew name, secular date of passing, Hebrew date of Yahrtzeit if you know it, and relationship of deceased to you or your spouse.


Honor the loving memory of a departed family or close friend by having his or her name inscribed on a solid brass Memorial Plaque for placement on our Synagogue Memorial Board. Each nameplate is inscribed with the name of the departed in English and Hebrew along with the English date of death and the Hebrew Yahrtzeit. At the side of each nameplate, there is a Memorial Light, which is lit each year at the beginning of the month of the Yahrtzeit and for all Yizkor commemorations.

Purchase a Memorial Plaque now for your loved ones:

1 plaque - $360, 2 plaques - $600, 3 plaques - $800, 4 plaques - $900

Please include the following information in the above box for your departed one: full English name, Hebrew name, father's Hebrew name, secular date of death, Hebrew date of death if you know it. We will follow up with you to ensure the accuracy of the information.

Mon, October 26 2020 8 Cheshvan 5781